i’ve been meaning to do this for ages… and in fact, i’ve actually started a blog post on several occasions over the months! several things keep stopping me- namely caroline & julia, but also second thoughts about entering ‘blogland.’ however, i still think this may be the best way for me to keep up with what is happening in our lives… i found that writing on matt’s blog while he was being treated for cancer ( was a good way for me to communicate & express my feelings. now, although he has recovered & is cancer-free, i still feel like i want to write from time to time.

about this:

and this:

(photos above by Bailey Mohr of
and this:
and this:

(the home we are renovating… with lots of help!)
i just need a record of our perfectly imperfect life, and i’m HORRIBLE at keeping a journal. i may be horrible about blogging, too, but we’ll see…

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