the rhinos

i need to remember that childhood phases pass quickly & often… that the cute, sweet little voice & funny mispronounced words will soon be grown-up & proper, and the insanely annoying & highly destructive patterns will also pass. the difficult phases seem to last longer- why is that?

so right now, caroline is knee deep in an “i love rhinos” phase, and i think it’s HILARIOUS. she is a bonafide tiara wearing princess- in love with the color pink, only wears dresses, ALWAYS wears her plastic tiara, and insists on being called Ariel (or belle or tinkerbell, depending on the day). why does this princess love rhinos? completely unknown, but she cannot stop talking about them. they are the answer to every question, the best part of every day, and the solution to any problem. funny kid…
Caroline looking at the rhinos with Grandpa- note the tiara, froggy boots and stuffed froggy wearing a Sleeping Beauty dress.

a rare rhino sighting… they often hide in the corner, only coming out when matt whistles for them. yup- they come when he calls.
Julia enjoys a more laid-back approach to the zoo, although the bush dogs really sparked her interest last time we visited.
I’m working on an “all things new house” post… lots of before & during pictures, soon to become after pictures! we’ll be moving soon- maybe 3-4 weeks, and i am really excited to see our new house become our home.

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