big things happening!

first of all, my little Julia is walking! i can’t believe it- my baby isn’t a baby anymore. she’s SO proud of herself and can’t stop grinning as she toddles & waddles about the house. love this little cutie! now her biggest obstacle is her older sister, who relishes grabbing her by the hand & running… not quite ready for running yet, big sis! but julia can hold her own- she’s not afraid to use her teeth in self-defense. : )

AND…. we have some cabinets in the kitchen! as much as i believe in DIY, i also believe there are things i can’t do well. and either can my husband, superhero though he is. hanging cabinets is something we believe is worth paying for so we don’t end up 1) unhappy with the results, 2) paying someone to fix our mistakes and 3) divorced. i’m kind of kidding… but not completely.

so here is what is happening so far:
some friends helped me paint the kitchen a few weeks ago- the color is Topsail by Sherwin-Williams. i’ve used this color a lot. it’s pale enough to be calming & “beachy,” but has enough color to avoid the ‘blahs.’ and i am in LOVE with my new cabinets! our current kitchen is fine, but it is severely lacking in counter space & storage. i’m sure i’ll have no problem filling up these cabinets, but i can’t wait to do it!
crown molding is going in this week, appliances are next… then floors, lighting & cabinet hardware. sounds like a lot, but when you consider that a few weeks ago this room was stripped down to the studs, we’ve made a lot of progress! i’ve chosen all the appliances, the sink & faucet. i think i’ve chosen the lights, too, but i’m not sure about hardware. do all your finishes need to match? i’m torn between cohesiveness & a lovely oil-rubbed bronze drawer pull.
i’ve been busy painting this week- the playroom is halfway transformed into a vibrant green & blue wonderland. the pink living room is now a lovely calming cream, and the family room is on it’s way towards a second coat of Rice Grain. the dining room is primed, but it may need some more plaster work to deal with old water issues & stains. my husband has been busy laying laminate on the 3rd floor- turns out it’s not so simple, but he’s a champ. plugging away anytime he has a free moment, i think he’ll be done pretty soon!

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