backyard transformation- part 1

my husband and father spent the entire day saturday working in our new backyard. to be honest, i figured they would clear the vines & brush away, maybe move the rocks into a pile. i CANNOT believe how much they accomplished! i think the pictures say it better than i ever could! enjoy…
(view from back steps- building on right is the garage)
(view to the left of the back steps- note the large pine tree in the middle of everything)
(looking towards the garage- back steps on the right. messy!)

Everyone loved driving the bobcat- well, all the men. i enjoyed painting ALL day. but it was fun to watch them playing- i mean working- with the big machine all day!
and then the chainsaws came out…
bye bye pinetree!
and before i knew it, the drains for our future patio were going in…

this is a little better view of the work they did in the backyard- the regrading work looks so good! i know it doesn’t look like much, but a few months ago you couldn’t see the neighbors for all the brush. i’m SO happy!(oh, they built that fence a month ago, too! don’t be jealous of my handy husband & awesome daddy!)

so now i have to aerate & overseed the mud pit- i mean backyard.
stay tuned for further developments! : )

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