so tired…

i spent 4 hours this morning/afternoon making a lawn for our newly regraded mud pit- i mean backyard. i took some pictures, but it looks EXACTLY the same as it did yesterday. there are just a few less rocks & twigs! i started by raking the whole yard to clean it up & rough up the surface. then i used a rotary spreader to distribute seed starting fertilizer, limestone, and gypsum. all of that is just to make the soil better for growing grass. then i spread grass seed (a fescue mix with 1 part ryegrass, for those who are interested), and i covered it with a finely ground compost mix. then i watered it all to get it started! i may have a few “sproutling” pictures in a few weeks!
quite frankly, i feel like this:
or maybe like i was hypnotized by this beautiful young lady:

luckily, we are having a low-key afternoon with The Little Mermaid & snacks! if they were up for the playground, i might fall over. : )

2 thoughts on “so tired…

  1. I swung (swang? Swinged?…phew good thing I homeschool huh? LOL) to have a look around and had to tell you, I am sure I have told you this before, but I am SO IN LOVE with your birdie header.


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