thoughts on selling our 1st home…

we have lived in our current home for over 5 years. this is the only home our daughters have ever known. we have put a lot of our sweat & tears into making it just right for us- adding a bathroom, painting the walls and the deck, endlessly working in the yard. it’s not perfect, but we’ve really loved this little place- except the kitchen. i’ve hated the kitchen since our kids were born & i realized how little storage & prep space this little kitchen has! but it’s cute & adequate- and could be remodeled if someone had a vision.

so now our house has been on the market for 4 months, and it is cleaner than it ever was during the 5 + years we lived here! and now that i’ve invested so much time & thought in our new house, i’m SO ready for this one to be sold. not that i won’t miss it or feel emotional about moving… it’s still a special place. i’m just completely over this whole “keep it squeaky clean” and “leave at a moments notice with 2 kids & the dog” business. i have a 3 & 1 year old. squeaky clean is such a monumental task!
but anyway- i do love this little place. here are some links to the pictures our realtor & friend, Karen Smith, took:
she took better pictures than i ever could! i try every season to capture just the way the sun looks coming in the bay window, or how the snow kind of sifts onto our front porch like powder sugar. i just don’t have quite the eye for the right angle or light, so my pics are just ways to keep my memories, not professional quality!
so… anyone want to buy our house? : )

2 thoughts on “thoughts on selling our 1st home…

  1. i'll take the whole thing. furniture included! it's adorable and just beautiful!!! we will be praying it will sell quickly and for a great price! and your new house is just gorgeous. i may have to load up the car in a year or two and just drive to see you…with 3 kids under 3 in tow! 🙂 so excited you have a blog now (sorry it took me so long to get here! i guess i have a small excuse!) love and hugs!


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