what i’ve been doing

okay- i know i haven’t posted in FOREVER. and i know i committed to painting the dining room by october 20, but haven’t even started yet. i promise i have a good excuse! make that 5 good excuses:
1. playroom
2. powder room
3. master bedroom
4. master bathroom
5. window, door & floor trim (which should count as 100 excuses)
actually, only the playroom is 100% painted (it looks AWESOME). i finished painting the wainscot in the powder room so the toilet & sink can be installed. and i primed the master bedroom & bathroom so they can be painted as soon as the floors are finished. AND… i filled nail holes & primed about 1000 linear feet of trim & molding.
i will be taking pictures to back up my excuse, but take my word for it- i’ve been a busy lady! and now i have the exhaustion induced head cold to show for it. this is why i have no updates on the dining room! BUT- i did choose a paint color! thanks to all of you who supported the dark blue color: i agree wholeheartedly. in fact, i probably would have left the color alone if the plaster hadn’t had to be repaired! i chose a deep blue just slightly brighter than what is currently there. i think it’s going to be good!
DURING & AFTER pictures coming soon… hopefully! my family might like to see me a little since i’ve been painting for 3 days straight now. thank you to my mom for watching my girls & cooking her bootie off for us- love you!

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