flea market favorite!

someone (i’ll never say who!) once told me that she hates antique and vintage furniture because so many other people have touched it. “who wants to sit on an old needlepoint chair that 100’s of other butts have been on & farted on?” well… i suppose i do! minus the farting, of course.

i love furniture & architectural pieces that have history and character. when asked about my decorating style, i mostly say “rusty old junk.” don’t get me wrong- new pieces are also wonderful! sometimes i can more easily afford something new & give it “character” by letting it age in my home. kids & pets & husband help with the aging process nicely! but when i can, i love getting an older piece & learning something about it’s history.

and i’m certainly not alone in my love for “old junk!” the creative minds at Flea Market Style (the blog and the magazine) are having an “I’m a Flea-Marketeer” party today, and i decided to join. we have a piece in our home (2 actually) that i think are pretty special, so here they are!

My Favorite Flea Market pieces- do you see them?
yup- these glass front cabinets are among my FAVORITE pieces i’ve ever purchased… they were part of a big lot a vendor purchased from an old hotel here in town that was being renovated. there were 2 of these built into every room of the hotel. i believe the hotel is now apartments… anyway, we got these for $125 each & i LOVE them!

they are perfect for holding our special books & favorite flea market pieces… just the right depth for my snack tray sets, but shallow enough to fit nicely in a room without taking up too much space!

the sad news is that i don’t think they will fit in the living or dining room in our new home. : (
too many curvy walls with the bay windows or low hanging windows that i don’t want to block. happily, i may get to use them in the sitting area of our master bedroom!

for those of you reading this blog for pictures of the kiddos and who have no interest in our old furniture, here you go:

caroline dressing up her lamb… i think she was pretending to be wendy from peter pan. the lamb was captain hook- recognize him?

julia just being cute… : )
happy monday everyone!

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