procrastinator’s party reveal

okay, the dining room walls are painted, which is essentially what i said i was going to do… in my mind, i was also going to clean & paint the trim around the windows, doorways & fireplace. and i kind of thought i’d spray paint the chandelier, too. however, i painted 4 other rooms in the last 2 weeks, too. so i think i’m off the hook!

here it is: the dining room. the color is ‘ballard blue’ by valspar, the eddie bauer collection. i’ll tell you a secret: i don’t actually LOVE it. it’s pretty, don’t get me wrong. but i look at this really beautiful room & think, “what’s this doing in my house?” it doesn’t look like me. no, i’m not going to repaint it. i’m going to make sure the accessories i put in here give it a significantly less formal look! i’m thinking burlap, rusty old junk, and chippy painted stuff- like pretty much everything i own!

next projects? well, the master bath needs a second coat, the master bedroom is only 1/8 done, the powder room is 1/2 done. then the kitchen needs to be touched up, the utility closet could use a splash of color… foyer, stairway, hallway walls & floors, “bonus room,” and every single piece of trim & molding.
i will be painting for the REST of my life! (not complaining- we chose this, and it’s a fun journey!)

18 thoughts on “procrastinator’s party reveal

  1. Oh, Rachel! Your to do list of painting makes me tired just reading it! The blue looks beautiful to me, maybe you'll like it more once you have accessorized. I'm so jealous of your fireplace in the dining room!! It is beautiful. Best wishes on all your projects!


  2. That fireplace makes me swoon. Speaking from experience, the painting goes by so quickly and then it's just so so worth it. But, I went a long time before painting after painting our entire house. =)

    (Found ya through the Procrastinators Party.)


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