the farm (part 2)

i think most of these pictures are self-explanatory… and many are taken by my photographically gifted sister, Kerry. if you are reading from Alabama, you need to take advantage of her talents! and her amazing home with the HUGE porch & her penchant for making yummy mojitos. : )

on to the photos…

hayride hugs from cousin dot

ready to feed the cows

the next 3 pictures are my favorite series…
1. cousin annie looking disapprovingly at julia who had no idea her ball was actually a “magic crystal ball” desperately needed by the fairy princess of the hayride (or some similar pretend game).
2. caught in the act of stealing the ball. i mean, magic crystal.

3. the aftermath. i’m such a good mommy- i took pictures instead of intervening! ha!

“gone fishing” sort of…

classic farm image- sleeping with a chain saw. (no it’s not real, but hilarious, right?)

worn out from hayrides and weenie roasts. and 5 days of refusing to nap!

okay, maybe THIS is my favorite series of pictures! my sister has a nice camera & a great eye for setting up our family portrait at the farm each year. but somehow the remote control was not working as expected… kerry got caught in the act of pressing the button several times! you have to look closely to see which kid is moving and/or falling apart in each picture…

finally a great pic of my parents with all ELEVEN of their grandkids! i think it’s quite a beautiful crew, but maybe i’m biased.

one more farm post to follow- caroline ate s’mores for the first time, and i took about 50 pictures. : )

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