halloween 2009

i don’t love halloween, but i do love how much caroline enjoys dressing up & getting candy! so starting in september, i asked her every few days what she wanted to be for halloween. sometimes it was a princess, sometimes a rhino. but it changed every time. sometimes she changed her mind more than once a day- more than 5 times a day. this alarmed me… i’m not a “sew your kids costumes” kind of mommy. maybe someday- maybe not though. how were we going to get a costume that she’d like (and we could afford) when she changed her mind every 10 minutes?!
i decided to buy a Snow White costume at Target when they were on sale… then not show it to her until October 30. i figured she’d LOVE it & be so excited to wear it for Halloween. she did love it. she wore it for 24 hours & then refused to wear it for trick or treating. go figure…

so introducing… Caroline in my dance costume from when i was 6 years old. that’s an old costume! and she said she was Sleeping Beauty- see the tiara? julia was a bumblebee… because that’s what we had in her size. ha! next year could be problematic if she is half as ‘creative’ as caroline is!

this is the best picture i have of the trick or treat crew!

hooray for candy!!

mom, what is this on my head??

and there’s something on my back, too!

don’t worry- i’ll get it. hold still…

on our way…

Sleeping Beauty & Enthusiastic Bills Fan (daddy)

too much sugar. but cute, right?!

WAY too much sugar- a little more maniacal here…

Happy November Everyone!

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