old house…

new house…
as we plan for our move to the new house, i realized that i have an idealized picture of what our life will be like when we live there…

the girls will happily work on art projects in the family room and eat fresh veggies while seated at the breakfast bar.

i will create amazingly healthy & delicious meals in our new kitchen- mostly using vegetables & herbs from our new garden which will be grown entirely from our own compost.

we will host groups & gatherings often, and the evenings will end with everyone gathered around the piano with smiles on their faces.

matt will work from his new home office & it will inspire the beginning of his wildly successful career as author & international speaker.

our pets will lie happily in the sunshine and cease creating enormous hairballs.

it will be all i’ve ever wanted a home to be: warm, welcoming, comfortable… not to mention self-cleaning & generally maintenance free. and it will always smell good.

in short, this home will make my life better & make me a better person.


i know. not likely. i was given some wise words once:
“you take yourself with you wherever you go.”

meaning: no physical place will change YOU- what’s really, truly inside your heart.

stupid wise words. hate em! but i believe they are true. while our new home will provide us with some wonderful things, it won’t satisfy the deepest longings of my heart. my Hope is not in my home..

so here is what im realistically looking forward to at our new home:
1. a TON more storage & prep space in our kitchen. no, i won’t become a gourmet chef overnight, but i will be more likely to try something new if my appliances & large pans are not stored in the basement!

2. a real office space for matt. he has patiently endured his “office” in the basement at our current home- freezing in the winter, wet in the spring & fall, infested with spiders & grasshoppers at all times, smelling of kitty poo frequently. now that he is graduating from seminary and working full time for our church, i think he’ll enjoy a place where he can close the door & think! plus, he can preach his sermons out loud & not worry about waking me up. : )

3. separate living room & family room. it’s a small thing, but i like that our television will be in the family room and our living room will be a separate gathering place.

4. PLAYROOM! i know that toys will still be everywhere, but it’s so great to have a room dedicated to FUN.

5. an actual master suite. we are blessed to have 2 baths at our current home, but i’m looking forward to our own bathroom in our room! the half bath on the main floor is small, but it’s just the right size for that “we have visitors coming, clean the bathroom quickly” moment that we all have!

6. main floor laundry. no explanation necessary, i assume.

7. a little more space. i’m not a HUGE home kind of person- i want to see my family together in one place. i don’t want tv and computer in every room or so much square footage that i have to have an intercom to find my kids. and i know my kids and pets will still be under my feet while i cook and fold laundry… but they will also have the option to lay out a puzzle on the floor or roll a ball down the hallway.

8. the yard is a blank slate. i will miss our current yard with it’s beautiful mature trees and perennials, but i’m excited to plan and develop gardens & play areas at our new home! the budget will be small, of course, but that’s part of the fun… how to get a lot for a little.

i know there are other things i will enjoy about our new home, and there are definitely things i will miss about this one. i know i will get tired of working on the new house & think of how nice it was to live in a finished home! but it’s an remarkable step we’re about to take… a little crazy, and really exciting!

moving day: saturday, november 21
all day…
and it’s a DIY move, so all our friends are welcome to come help!
or just come by for a sneak peek & a hug- those are always welcome, too.

(some pre-AFTER pictures coming soon: after construction, after painting, but pre-furniture & ‘nesting.’)

i’m linking this to The Inspired Room for Beautiful Life Friday. it’s a great blog- you should check it out!

6 thoughts on “idealistic

  1. Nice to hear others that an idealistic plan for their home. Just enjoy all the moments to come and keep a loose schedule of cleaning so you are free to do the other things. God bless your family as Dad gets to do what he's been trained for.
    Another Pastor's wife


  2. What a great post! Fantasy and reality – can be a struggle can't it? Sounds like an exciting new venture you're setting out on and I wish you and your family all the best. It will be fun to see the photos. Have a good weekend…
    pk @ Room Remix


  3. Oh, yes, I've had the same conversations with myself every time we move! It sounds like you have found a home that truly will enhance your life and that can make such a difference. My husband has his own office too and being in ministry, you are so right — that is a big plus for him to have a place to go away from the hub of the home. Enjoy & many blessings in the new place!!


  4. this has to be one of my favorite posts of yours! dont we wish we could wave a magic wand and make it all happen! but i love your perspective and i love your humor! i wish we were closer and i'd volunteer paul to come help (and i'd come help with kids or bring you yummy food!)! but alas, i'm afraid we are too far away! cant wait to see before and after pictures and before the move pictures! i'm sure it's beautiful! many hugs!


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