5 thoughts on “what happened when i left the house…

  1. oh my. was this while they were “napping” and “unattended”? i didnt think so. i'm so sorry. i've heard of people trying to get sharpie out of clothes and cant. i HOPE something …clorox (i know, i know) that doesnt work on colors might just might get it off? but the counter tops. oh…try bon ami! somehow a few globs of ink got on our kitchen floor. and somehow someone decided to smear them over a greater area trying to wipe them up w/ water. and i got the bulk of it up with bon ami! let us know what you figure out! hugs!


  2. “goof off” is just the thing you need. they sell it at home depot in the paint section. not that my kid has illustrated every surface of his room or anything…

    as for the under-the-couch shots, you have inspired me. i think we should start a blog campaign against competitive mothering wherein honesty is encouraged through the inevitable nether-region funk. who's in?


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