it’s magic…

it truly is magic. of course, i’m speaking of the magic eraser by mr. clean.

if my arm wasn’t so tired from scrubbing the cabinets & countertops that caroline decorated with permanent marker, i’d take pictures & show you how spotless they are now. but i’m typing with one arm, so there will be no pictures. (it’s magic, but it doesn’t scrub by itself!)

happy sunday night, everyone!

5 thoughts on “it’s magic…

  1. We love them here, too. My kids are the same ages as your two (1 and 3). We have a lot of messes. If Proctor & Gamble ever caught on that I would pay a whole lot more for them, I am sure they would raise the prices. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with Lynn, what did moms do? Glad I don't have to know.


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