set up for failure

i do this often… i set myself up for something big & then get myself too intimidated to follow-through. then i’m discouraged because i didn’t complete my task or meet my goals so i don’t even do a little bit- i drop it all together. ever happen to you? like a New Year’s resolution to do something EVERY SINGLE DAY and then you didn’t do it on January 4, so you drop it? (not that that’s ever happened to me…)

so i wrote that big blog post about all the things i was going to blog about, and then i got tired at the thought of even following through with each one. then i didn’t want to blog at all because i wasn’t ready to write all those posts. but then i missed blogging & wanted to do it again. do i sound psychotic yet?

well, i am going to write some of those things, but only as the mood strikes me. because i can… because it’s my blog! so HA! : )

thanks for putting up with me.

2 thoughts on “set up for failure

  1. If you are psychotic, then so am I. I thought you had crawled into my head and started writing about me for a second. I set myself up for failure all the time. Love the blog – keep it up at whatever pace you choose!


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