Christmas has come & gone…

a belated posting of Christmas pictures

(i’m having trouble re-arranging my pictures on this post, so they’re all in the EXACT OPPOSITE ORDER OF WHEN THEY HAPPENED!!! grrr. i could delete the whole thing & start over, but it took over an hour to upload them all. did i say grrr?? i mean it. grrr.)

julia decided this is the most fun ever: climbing on things & then yelling for help getting down! see the stickers on the table? that was caroline’s art project earlier in the week.

standing in the snow for approximately 6.5 minutes- it was SO windy!

modeling their new winter hats from Mimi!

this is julia’s first time to play in the snow! last winter she was too little… i’m not sure she’s impressed!

i think this is a hug? looks like a suffocation attempt, huh?

Cinderella and ‘baby cinderella’ taking a juice break… : )

most fun of the morning? playing with trash, ribbon & cat!

who needs toys?

she REALLY loves Cinderella!

climbing monkey attacking the lamp… again, who needs toys?

she does love sitting in her new doll cradle, though!

notice that the tiara goes on TOP of the hat…

opening stockings together

helping julia open a present

coming down the stairs…

first peek!

santa’s helpers putting together the trampoline! thanks simon!

one gift to open on Christmas Eve
it had 350 pieces, so we didn’t actually play with it… : )

trying to decide which one to open…

licking the spoon after helping make Jesus’ birthday cake! i don’t think she liked it…

but she did like stirring!

first Christmas at the new house… i’m impressed we even found the decorations, much less put them up! ha!

Julia in her Christmas dress… i had to tuck it into her tights to keep her from tripping on it!

i tried to get a picture of caroline in her dress, but she kept checking herself out in the mirror!

i think she was pleased with her dress & giant bow!

happy new year, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Christmas has come & gone…

  1. love all the pictures! the christmas dresses are beautiful! i cant wait to have little girls to dress alike! addie discovers the strangest “toys” too. it's great…until it's that hot light bulb like julia was reaching for! thanks for sharing all your sweet memories! and enjoyed seeing a few sneak peaks of the house! it looks great! happy new year! love and hugs!


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