beautiful princess capes!

i have been meaning to post pictures of the girls enjoying the beautiful princess capes they received for Christmas from their Great Grandma Toomey… or G2, as they refer to her. (get it?)

she asked me for the girls’ measurements and whipped these together so quickly! i am so impressed with them… such heavy, rich fabrics in beautiful colors. they are a far cry from the flimsy little princess dresses & dance costumes they usually play dress-up in!

the girls love them! though, admittedly, they don’t enjoy wearing them as much as wrapping dolls & animals in them! : ) these are the best pictures we have so far… more to come, i’m sure!

opening stockings on christmas day- the capes were underneath their stockings!

we love to look at ourselves in the mirror… : )

sorry for the blurry pictures- we’re always moving & jumping around here!
Thank you, G2! we love them!

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