Foyer: DONE!

well, not DONE done… just painted.
but that’s a pretty big job- lots of doors & window trim, plus the staircase & funny little alcove area. i’m either getting faster at painting, or i’m just lowering my standards of what looks good!

we started with this green:

which isn’t actually bad. but after construction dirt & plaster patching, it wasn’t looking so good. and it was very light absorbing- it made a well-lit area seem dark.

i decided to go with a custom paint color…

i call it: Welcome Home!

i realize that it’s a bit boring… it’s just cream.
but i love that it’s light reflecting & bright!
it opens the room up & makes it feel clean. it actually makes it feel bigger, which is fun. and i have plans for making it less boring with fabric for the windows & the bench, as well as fun stuff on the walls.
so i prefer to call it soothing & inviting, not boring! : )

and i have some of my ‘custom’ paint leftover…
i’ll sell it for $50 a gallon & become rich & famous!

or i’ll just paint my upstairs hallway with it…

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