a running post

a list of a few things i dislike about running in the winter:

1. it’s cold (brilliant, i know). this requires running with pants & gloves & jacket & hat & face mask (at times). i DESPISE wearing these things. my favorite running outfit is a long sleeved t-shirt & shorts, which is much more suited to early spring & autumn.

2. it’s dark. i have to run early in the morning to make sure i get it in- otherwise, my day seems to take over & i skip my run. i actually enjoy morning running (i blame my mother- she’s a morning person & apparently donated her genetic deformity to me), but it’s dark out at 6:00 in the winter. just one more thing to overcome to get out the door.

3. it’s icy. i know most people shovel their sidewalks & driveways (thank you!), but then it freezes overnight & makes a yucky mess for early morning runners.

4. because of the ice, i have to run in the street. then unhappy, non-running people honk & gesture at me because i’m in their way. i’m sorry you have to slow down 2 mph to avoid smashing me… would you prefer that i slipped on the ice & cracked my head open? i might get blood on your car, and then where would you be? carwashes are closed in february.

5. car exhaust. i know we all want our cars to be warm when we get in them to go to work, but the nasty emissions from your car billow into the road & just hang there for me to run through. so maybe think twice before letting your car run for 10 minutes before you leave? wear a hat & gloves- you’ll be fine.

hmmm… isn’t exercise supposed to make me happy? endorphins & such?

there are also things i like about winter running…

1. everything looks beautiful covered in snow & glittering with ice. running is a nice way to see the loveliness of a winter landscape.

2. i can see tiny bird & bunny tracks in the snow- cute!

3. when it’s actually snowing, everything is really still & soft- the snowflakes feel like sweet, gentle kisses. (unless it turns to sleet, which is just cold & wet & sometimes painful). but staying positive… a gentle snowfall is kind of fun.

4. when the wind blows, the snow falls off the trees & lamp posts in clumps- it looks like they’re having a snowball fight. : )

5. it feels REALLY good to come back into the house after a winter run, which is not always true of warm weather runs. if i’m all hot & sweaty, i get cold returning to an air-conditioned room. right now, i just look forward to a cup of hot coffee & warming my feet under a blanket!

there… i ended on a positive note! anything you’d like to add?

(most people seem to send me facebook messages or e-mails to ‘comment’ on my blog… you know you can leave comments here, too, right??)

2 thoughts on “a running post

  1. i'll leave a comment! runners continue to impress me. i don't think i could ever get myself out of my warm cozy bed to get out in that cold! but i have thought about starting the early morning gym routine b/c i definitely find if i put it off until later in the day, then it doesn't get done. but can i get up at 5am??? i don't know.


  2. When I picture you in my mind, you are in running shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt. 🙂 I would never honk at you if you were running near my car. I hope warm weather comes your way soon.


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