no and no

just got 2 e-mails that concerned me, so i will address them here and now:

no-i am not saying that i am the perfect housekeeper since finding
i just like it.
a lot.
and i wanted to share.

you can un-friend me if you’d like.

no– i am not going to be her stalker- really.

thank you for asking. have a great day. : )

3 thoughts on “no and no

  1. I looked at the flylady once after I saw it on Jill's blog. I'll have to check her out now that the clutter and mess in my house is even getting to me, the messy one. Steve will be thrilled.


  2. I just started reading your blog today – I don't think I even knew you had one! And then I was THRILLED to hear you discovered Flylady and love her.

    We'll have to chat soon – I've been a faithful fly-follower for 6 years now and I can't say enough about her and what she has taught me.
    I totally agree with so much you have said, especially, not subscribing to the daily emails, her website and I don't call it a Control Journal for the same reason – I just call it my Binder – and John calls it my Trapper Keeper. 🙂 You can check it on my blog if you search “Binder”.

    And true confessions…I've called in and talked to her on her radio program AND went to see her and met her when she was in STL in 2006. Talk about stalker…jealous aren't ya??? Love ya and loving your blog!


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