i’ve received one too many e-mails regarding how they wish they had it all together like me… and a few indicating that i’m full of myself! well- lest you believe the picture i have apparently painted for you, i have photographic proof of my failure as a parent & housekeeper.

look closely:

there are small- okay, HUGE- hairballs in the corners of my home every day!
free kitten, anyone?

this is what happens when i’m on the computer too long…

and again:

i ran to check my e-mail & almost overflowed the sink. nice, huh?

she patiently followed me until i finally wiped her face.

okay, this was pre-flylady. but still- the clothes had been there long enough for the cat to get REALLY comfortable. what did i do? well, i couldn’t very well disturb his nap!

see anything wrong with this picture?

yup. stepped into the other room for ONE second, and julia got back into the tub.
sorry for the full moon- please don’t report me to DCF.

i had to include this because of what it APPEARS is happening:
it does look like he’s yelling at her, doesn’t it? what a mean daddy! : )
i’m not completely ‘flylady’d’ yet…
if you need more proof, check out THIS post.

8 thoughts on “honestly…

  1. He..He..He. So funny! I've reread your recent posts and honestly think that those who are sending you negative emails must be either totally crazy or just trying to get a rise out of you. I love your posts!
    As for the fully clothed babe in the tub, I can one up you on that! Last year my two year old pushed a stool over to the kitchen sink and got in. I came downstairs to find him in the water, fully dressed sitting on dirty frying pan!


  2. Rachel, you are the least full of it person I have ever met! I do have a theory why people might think that and it is because you are so ridiculously beautiful. They just can't handle your awesomeness! Your kids are stunning too. I have never felt like you came across as anything other than sincere and helpful.


  3. Rachel you just brought a huge laugh to my day!! I think I can relate on every photo you showed!! See, you are not alone…we all want to look like we have it together, but in reality…we are all in the same boat! Thanks for sharing and leaving such a sweet comment friend!!



  4. Rachel… I have it on good authority, that the fully clothed child was on your husband's watch.

    Maybe you are perfect.

    It is clear that you have the most attractive legs on the planet. I have been privy to at least 8 women telling you so. NOTHING AWKWARD ABOUT THAT!

    Luckily I can handle it.

    I love you, and love the face Julia makes when she is 'wandering'.

    In terms of being “full of it”, I did accidentally mention getting up early and you said, “When have you ever gotten up when I get up?” I found it doubly funny because it is true. But, I think once in 2006 I got up when you did.


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