tuesday thoughts

hmmm… anna suggested i continue doing tuesday thoughts, but now i’m not sure i have anything of interest to write about! maybe i only had one tuesday full of ‘thoughts’ worth sharing.

i’ll let you decide.

keep reading if you’d like- i’m not promising anything!

matt’s oncologist appointment was good- nothing in his bloodwork or in physical examination to cause alarm. this is what we expected, but we’ve been burned by high expectations before. matt blogs occasionally (weekly?) about how his perspectives have changed over the last few years… not just due to cancer & chemo, but also parenting & marriage & ministry & life.
i think it’s an interesting read, and i also think he’s pretty hot.
maybe i’m biased.

we moved caroline & julia into one room last night for the first time. i like the idea of them sharing a room, but have put it off to protect julia’s naps. caroline still takes a ‘rest’ time every afternoon, but it’s the LOUDEST rest i’ve ever witnessed. she hasn’t actually slept in almost a month, but she needs that alone time.
who am i kidding- I NEED THAT TIME!
love my girls- love them even more when i’ve had a few minutes to myself.

so anyway- we moved julia’s crib into caroline’s room,
then we moved caroline’s toddler bed into julia’s room.
by we, i mean matt.
the idea was that caroline would sleep in the twin bed that has been in her room for 3 months, but slept in only 10 times.

she fell apart shortly after i announced that it was time to go potty before bed- sobbing that her bed was missing & she didn’t want to sleep in julia’s crib. i explained my plan, but that was NOT okay.
long story short- i moved the toddler bed back into her room & they giggled & cried & threw things for almost an hour before falling asleep.

today, caroline ‘rested’ in my bed. julia slept in her crib in caroline’s room. with the twin bed. and the toddler bed.
too many beds in that room.
not sure what we’ll do, but we’ll figure it out!

flylady update- i’m still doing it. i suppose i’m ‘fluttering.’
i don’t like cute nicknames & acronyms very much.
but i do like being a little more at peace with my home & my schedule.
this week i’ve been trying to do my ‘weekly’ routine a little more closely, which means i’ve set aside tasks for each day of the week instead of just getting to them whenever i have time. so far so good!
i do have 3 loads of laundry to fold, which is not so good.
but here’s where flylady is encouraging to me; she says:
‘you’re not behind! just begin where you are!’
‘just do something. even 5 minutes is better than nothing.’
(i’m paraphrasing).
it makes me feel better- i’ll go fold some clothes as soon as i’m done here.

i’m almost officially completely done with my job as Nursery Director for our church! this probably warrants a separate post- i have lots of thoughts.
2 1/2 years. funny- if you had told me 5 years ago that i would be a nursery director, i would have laughed a lot! it’s still a little funny to me- my degree is in Exercise Physiology. i’ve worked for several hospitals in cardiac/pulmonary rehab and a few fitness/wellness facilities as a personal trainer. not jobs that immediately scream,
“you should plan crafts & Bible stories for toddlers!”
but i learned SO much… i’ll make some notes & write more about this later!

Spring is COMING!
i’m going to work on planning my lawn/garden/flower extravaganza
this week!
then i’m going to start selling crack to pay for it.

we sold our old house, kind of! well, our realtor did- she’s awesome.
it’s a lease-purchase contract, and we’re thrilled!

i should go- caroline is in time out for jumping on the couch, then hitting me. maybe i should get off the computer? yup.

have a great tuesday!

5 thoughts on “tuesday thoughts

  1. Love the Tuesday Thoughts, Rachel! I am reading them from afar. I miss seeing everyone at church, and hope to get together when we get back to the Lou.

    I am also starting my home journal and I am implementing fly lady starting in April! You have been an inspiration!


  2. I'd love to hear more about your girls' venture into sharing a room. πŸ™‚ Mine are 4 and 2, and the little one's room is the larger one. As soon as my little one is ready for a big girl bed, I'm planning on moving them in together.

    I'm nervous for the same reasons! The 2 year old still naps for 2 hours while the 4 year old LOUDLY plays in her room or occasionally reads books or very occasionally falls asleep. πŸ˜‰ But *I* need the time to be sane!!!


  3. first of all, praise God for Matt's clear report. even when my mom moved to every 6 month mammograms, we always held our breath and continue to be so thankful for clear reports! and praise God for selling/leasing your house! i'm sure youre thrilled to be responsible for only one mortgage again!

    second of all, impressed with the links!

    third of all, LOVE the tuesday thoughts! a tad more serious this week than last…well, except the part about you selling crack. i'm sure you'll get tons of accusations about being a drug pusher from this post (wink wink). just add that right underneath stalker and you'll round out your resume nicely! πŸ˜‰ but, as always w/ your posts, well worth the read!

    i'm hoping to put all 3 girls in the same room and use our smaller 3rd bedroom as a playroom…when the little girls graduate to a big girl bed, which will be oh, 5 years down the road πŸ˜‰ who knows where we'll be by then though!

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and always keeping it real! love you sweet friend!


  4. Ha! Not only did your post have me CRACKING up (I should have checked into your blog a LOOOOOOOng time ago after just your status updates brighten my day) but I can identify with them so much. I was even on my way to check out fly lady (My mother in law follows her) until I got lost in blog land.


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