yup. meatloaf.

i’ve never been a huge fan- i liked meatloaf okay on the evenings my mother prepared it: fresh, hot, a tiny bit crispy on the edges, but soft & juicy on the inside.
however, she (ever the loving mother who packed my lunches for me for 17 years!) tended to pack a cold piece of meatloaf between 2 pieces of bread the next day for my lunch.
not my favorite.
sorry mom!

so i have avoided meatloaf in my married life/motherhood cooking adventures for the most part.

then last night i had 1 lb of nice ground beef staring at me- needing to be used. i dug into my recipe file for something that my kids might eat.

Berry Mini Meatloaf. Perfect!
cute little muffin size meat loaves with yummy berries poured over the top- easy, yummy, fun!

i highly recommend it- make a batch of your favorite (preferably NOT spicy) meatloaf recipe, then divide it into a muffin tin. cook at 350 for 30 minutes.

while those are cooking, put 1 cup of frozen berries (i used some fabulous local blackberries that i froze last summer) and 1 cup of orange juice on the stove to simmer.

when you’re ready to serve, just pour 1-2 tbsp of berry sauce over each mini meatloaf! seriously- how easy & tasty is that?

did my kids eat it?
well, no.
julia picked at it & ate some of the beans & rice i served with it.
caroline stood on her chair & sat in time out for most of dinner.

(by the way, the beans & rice were supposed to be dinner the evening before, but i didn’t get the beans soaked early enough & they were still crunchy at dinner time. BUT- they tasted fabulous with this meal!
red beans cooked in lightly salted water, drained, then seasoned with a bit of rosemary & reheated in hot olive oil. the long grain white rice was cooked with roasted garlic & olive oil. simple & yummy!)

2 thoughts on “meatloaf

  1. i have too many bad memories of meatloaf…no matter how cutesy it looks! but glad y'all enjoyed it last night! nothing like getting creative in the kitchen.


  2. Glad your dinner was yummy! My hubby is opposed to any kind of food that ends in “loaf” and my child is cleary a vegetarian,so I probably won't be making meatloaf anytime soon, but I really love it. I went through a HUGE meatloaf phase in my last 6 weeks of pregnancy – couldn't get enough of it. It totally grossed out my sweet husband. I doubt he'll ever eat meatloaf again!


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