warmer weather means…

it’s time to be outside!
we had a lovely time playing with stomp rockets in our backyard this week…
thanks grandma- we love them!

first: load the rocket.

second: stomp as hard as you can.

third: watch your rocket fly!
not pictured is step 4: mommy sets her camera down to retrieve rocket from window ledge, fence post, rain gutter, driveway, neighbors’ yards…

we also did some exploring of our ‘new’ yard.

the rocks looked pretty tasty…

but they are not.

‘mommy, we need better rocks.’

‘ron, don’t eat the rocks.’

‘can we go running now?’

in addition to playing & taste-testing, i did a little dreaming & scheming about the future of our little pile of dirt.
there are bulbs coming up EVERYWHERE!

i can’t wait to see what we’ve got- this is one of the fun parts of a new house: letting Spring & Summer unveil the garden’s secrets!
i use the term ‘garden’ loosely…

here’s the back of our house… yes, the rest of the house is painted white. we’ll make it all one color someday!
we also plan to make that little brick patio a bit bigger this spring.
by we, i mean matt!

wow- we need some color back there!
all in due time…

check out this little mess:

garage, with extra mold & yuckiness!

and you know you’re jealous of this:

my very own special pile of rocks!
this is where i envision a compost pile & cute workbench for potting, etc.
i’ve got an amazing cottage garden in mind…
maybe not this growing season-
it may take us a while to clean this place up!


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