tuesday thoughts

yes… the tuesday thoughts are back. not that i was ever consistent with these random thought posts, but i would like to be.
and since i’m home today with a sick 4 year old, i have an extra minute to write!

to begin, i’ll have to be honest:
i have not been keeping up with my flylady routines.
i know- i know. please don’t unfriend me.

i have grasped something important from flylady’s website, though, and i think it will help me.
please notice i say ‘grasped,’ not ’employed’ or ‘perfected,’ nor even ‘begun!’)

the purpose of the baby steps and the slow layering of routines is so we don’t get overwhelmed and quit!

i began too much at once (again), and i got bogged down.

now i start over- slowly.
here are the routines i have established pretty well:
sink stays clear & shiny most of the time
dishwasher runs every night, gets emptied every morning

ummm… that’s really it.
i do a decent job of putting things where they need to go instead of piling them different places, but laundry & menu planning are still far from habits for me. in fact, they are more like those little monsters from the ‘whack-a-mole’ games. they keep popping back up after i whack them!
damn moles.

but i’ll get it back in hand… part of my perfectionism is wrapped up in my schedule, which recently changed, and will change again in a few weeks when school & Bible Study are over for summer. i just have to stop- breathe- look at our new schedule & roll with it.



on another note, i’m finally framing pictures & hanging ‘artwork’ in other rooms! our house will look like a home at some point in the near future.
flylady recommends not getting out more ‘project stuff’ than you can complete & put away within one hour.

that is some good advice.

my dining room has been completely covered with frames, pictures, prints, paints & brushes for about 8 days.

while i don’t mind eating in the family room as a treat, it has become a nuisance. goal today: find my dining room table!

so that means i should get to work, huh?

happy tuesday!

5 thoughts on “tuesday thoughts

  1. I've fallen off the flylady band wagon too! I'm trying this week. So far, so good. Only one more load of laundry today. That's a huge VICTORY!!


  2. i can totally identify. then again, i havent done much of anything over the past 10 days except nurse two infants and sleep! cant wait to get a handle on things again…you know, in the next 5 years! want to see pictures of your pictures when youre done 🙂 love and hugs!


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