tuesday thoughts vol. 4

i’m a pathetic blogger.

there. i said it.

i love to write & process my thoughts ‘outloud,’ but it’s somewhat time consuming for me.
i have perfectionist tendencies (shut up, matt), and i dislike publishing my thoughts if i don’t feel like i’ve been clear.

being clear is hard.
i would like to be random & just put stuff out there & leave it.

no over-thinking about the people who read this blog.
no worrying about how my words will be perceived.
no editing to sound more kind and gracious- to seem like a better wife/mother/friend.

that seems dangerous…
you’d be surprised how much judgement is out there. well, maybe YOU wouldn’t be surprised. it’s just always amazing to me the things that shock/disappoint/anger people. it’s never the things i’ve fretted over & worked my hardest to ‘fix;’ it’s always the things you assumed were okay.

not that i’m not judgmental. it’s one of the top 10 things i dislike about myself.
i won’t be posting that list- seems counter productive. : )

okay- enough deep thoughts.
i’ll either keep blogging or i won’t- how’s that?
i’ll give randomness a concerted effort.

okay- random.

it’s officially summer here in terms of heat & free time, which is fun!
i’m trying to institute a loose schedule for our summer days so we don’t end up wasting our days on princess movies & veggie tales. we were SO busy through the Spring, and i want summer to feel less programmed & more relaxed. for now, our schedule involves art projects, the community pool, the zoo, the botanical gardens and long walks to all the playgrounds in our community. i’m sure we’ll be stir crazy by August & be ready for school (or wish we had signed up for a camp or two!), but for now i’m enjoying these days of taking it easy!

may was a big month for matt- he officially graduated (even though he was done in december) from Covenant Seminary and was ordained as a Pastor of the EPC (evangelical presbyterian church) all in the same weekend! what’s really funny about it all to me is that his job remains EXACTLY the same now as before… it’s just the officialness of it that changes. well, that & some tax stuff. but his day to day ministry to the men & women & families in webster groves? the same.
which makes me happy.
i love our town & our church & the people here.
i know there is no guarantee that we’ll be here forever- or even for a very long time,
but any amount of time we get to be a part of this community is good.
i hope it’s a long time- it has very much become our home, & these people are our family.

flylady? still making it work in my own way. i’ve embraced the 15 minute rule, which makes my home seem much more manageable. i don’t have to finish a task in my perfectionist way (vacuum every room down to the last corner & then mop & polish until shining). i can vacuum for 15 (sometimes 20) minutes and then do something i WANT to do.
it’s very freeing- and my house is cleaner because of it!

menu planning has fallen off this month, sadly.
i suppose that’s just the passive way of saying i have stopped effectively planning menus!
we’re still eating, though. so that’s good. : )
a new farmer’s market opened in WG last week, and i wasn’t able to go. can’t wait to hit it up this week!
sorry no pictures- i’ll upload the most recent ones as soon as i get the motivation.
still have plans to post about Easter & Caroline’s birthday…

happy tuesday!

3 thoughts on “tuesday thoughts vol. 4

  1. have missed you! so glad to know you're still random! 😉 i love your honest thoughts…so keep 'em coming! whether you know it or not, you're always an encouragement to me! and now every time i shine my sink as i trip over the laundry waiting to be washed, attempt to throw together dinner, and sweep dog hair under the rug with my foot…i think of you! NOT bc you do any of that but shine YOUR sink but bc if my sink is shined then i can handle the rest of it later 🙂 (have now clue if that made sense…but you know what i mean!) love you sweet friend!


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