i’m clearly undecided on this whole blogging thing.
no declarations of my newfound faithfulness to the blog.
no announcement of abandonment.

just another post. probably sans pictures- sorry mom.

i’m ready for real life to begin again.
summer was fun, lazy, open-ended & delicious.
i need a schedule NOW!
i need to be a bit more busy- a bit more ‘book-ended’ by obligations. looking ahead to 4-5 days with nothing on the calendar was wonderful for the summer. now it’s over & i’m ready- it was getting tiresome.

our fall looks pretty good! caroline has school (half days) on MWF, julia has ‘parents day out’ on WF. I have BSF leader’s meeting on Mondays, which julia will go to with me. all 3 of us go to BSF on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 12:15ish. Thursdays are our unscheduled days- zoo, library, botanical gardens, world bird sanctuary (my kids love it- so strange) here we come! i’m glad we have a day each week that’s open ended- stay in PJ’s & eat pancakes, build a fort, have a tea party (which ALWAYS involves orange juice & goldfish crackers- why? i dunno).

fridays are a question mark… matt’s day off. girls in school. my ‘long run’ day (training for a marathon- that’s a post unto itself). sounds nice, yes? i’m secretly (not so secretly- this is a public blog) afraid that i won’t get to take full advantage of my 3 hours with no kids because matt will be at home! yes, the pastor’s wife is admitting selfishness- take a deep breath. i’m SO overwhelmed by how hard parenting these 2 beautiful & obnoxious little girls has been this year- i’m DYING for 3 hours by myself (2x a week- woohoo!) and i don’t want to share it! i know we’ll reach a wonderful compromise- right, matt? love of my life? you still love me even though i put this on my blog, yes?? : ) maybe it will involve coffee dates before we go pick up the girls from school… that would be nice. i know he needs time to himself, too- turns out being a pastor is hard work-
who knew?!

that’s it… ready for school, ready for BSF, ready for 65 degree temps & the smell of falling leaves. ready for long sleeved t-shirts & shorts- my favorite outfit, always.

maybe ready to re-enter the blogging world? we’ll see. thanks for your patience & for not sending me hate mail.

2 thoughts on “whatever

  1. Rachel, I will only love you if you blog! Seriously! 🙂 Our Friday's are similar, Ritch off, kids gone. That is normally my longer exercise morning, or haircut mornings, or his honey do morning so Saturday is free. Oops but that is kinda selfish.
    mel cable


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