long run thoughts

thing i thought about while running 15 miles today:

i’m SO much slower than i used to be (and taller & wider & thicker), but i think i’m okay with it.

i haven’t quite lost my competitive nature-
i passed a woman while in my 15th mile. bad idea- it hurt.

i have my first black toenail after 22 years of running.
it’s gross.

i have probably pooped/peed in every park, playground & shady space in webster groves.

i ran through the following municipalities today:
webster groves, shrewsbury, crestwood, oakland, kirkwood, glendale.
is there one i’m missing? hmmm.

i stopped to ask an elderly man with an oxygen tank if he needed help- turns out he was just getting comfortable on his seat at the end of his driveway, which is where he reads for an hour every morning. i think this is fantastic.

i saw WAY too many people in their undies getting the paper & smoking & letting their dogs out. think about this: no matter how early the hour how dark the sky, how private you think your yard is, i can see you. and there are others out running or walking, too! we can all see you in your undies! put on some pants.
or don’t, i guess. whatever.

there are composting port-a-potties on Grant’s Trail.
very cool. and breezy on your behind while you use them, too.

there are significant sections of this city that don’t have sidewalks on major roads. are we not supposed to cover those distances except in cars??
Watson, Berry Rd., Manchester…

there are also significant portions of Webster Groves that are difficult to make it down the sidewalk because of tables/chairs/potted plants. our city planners must not be runners, and they definitely have not EVER pushed a double stroller down those sidewalks.
(i did NOT push the double stroller for 15 miles. i’m not insane.)

out of every city i’ve lived in, teenagers in St. Louis are by far the most rude to me while i’m running. they don’t move from their spot in the middle of the sidewalk, say hello, or even make eye contact. (mostly- there are exceptions.)
i’m making a mental note to teach my children to be polite. or at least not speed bumps.

my dog doesn’t stop to poop- he just spreads his legs & poops a trail down the road.
this makes it difficult to retrieve the pieces (yes, i try).
this also makes me jealous. is that weird?

my ipod ‘shuffle’ mix is not so random… i am beginning to hear patterns.

St. Louis has so many beautiful old trees- they’re really fun to look at while running. and i can’t wait to crunch through the leaves when it’s really Fall!

STL also has restrooms at almost all the major parks & playgrounds… i appreciate this.
however, i wish they didn’t close ‘for the season’ when it gets colder. there is not a bathroom season- i poop year round.

i’ve used the word poop way too many times in this blog post.

i take naps like a pregnant lady on days that i run long. feels good, and then i wake up fuzzy.
i may still be fuzzy from my nap- i’ll have to proof read this post.

i think ibuprofen & ice are magic.

i think my husband loves me a lot- he makes it possible for me to run long on his day off, and i appreciate it very much. i’m generally too tired on these days to show him how much i appreciate it… but i’ll get my energy back at some point.
(no this is not dirty- get your mind out of the gutter.)

i should stop writing before i talk more about poop.

3 thoughts on “long run thoughts

  1. dear runner-superhero-mama friend,

    thank you. not only did i get a good laugh reading this (and several very disturbing mental images), but you have also written a blog post that i think young beckham might actually enjoy as his bedtime story, as you mention his favorite subject (POOP!) many many times.

    this is helpful to me, really, because we haven't yet found the second box marked “beckham's books” to unpack, and seriously there are only so many times you can read “A Mud Pie for Mother” before you want to go lay down in traffic (or perhaps on a sidewalk, to be an obstacle for a runner).

    go rachel go!


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