an invitation…

i’m a part of something happening all over the world…
an international gathering of men & women who want to know God & understand the Gospel more intimately.
it’s starting up again next week with a shiny, bright hot-off-the-presses study of the book of Isaiah.

and you’re invited…

here is a taste of what i learned today at our leader’s workshop
(i’ll be a children’s teacher this year- 3 year olds- yay!):
*this is completely quoted from BSF teaching materials- no plagiarism here!!

1. those who have glimpsed the holiness of God are able to put life in proper perspective.
2. begin with God, and you will have a right view of people and circumstances.
3. begin with people or circumstances, and you will have a wrong view of God.

wow. in other words, if i begin with the Truth of the Gospel (that i am forgiven & saved by Jesus Christ’s death on the cross), i can approach all areas of my life & this crazy world with right thinking.

not like i’ll get it right all the time… i most often begin with ME. i’m a pretty big deal in my world- my own idol, if you will. i’d like to ask God to take ME off the pedestal in my world, but i’m afraid that might be uncomfortable. it’s a little scary, this whole business of giving up my selfish desires.

but how amazing if it can happen, right? if God & the Truth of how HE sees me & this world was my starting point instead of MY version of truth & goodness?

and it’s not if- it’s now. God doesn’t start me on stuff He’s not going to finish.
crap. this is going to be quite a ride.

i’m already amazed by the beauty & intimacy of Isaiah- it’s REAL stuff, y’all. it’s full of application to my life… and to yours as well.

would you like to join me? classes begin next week all over the world- click and go to the tab “BSF classes.” then find a class near you- they make it SO simple to join. FREE. with children’s classes (not childcare- our kids learn the same things the adults learn, but with snacks & playdoh for good measure. my girls ADORE it). and materials. and fellowship with other women (or men, if any men read this blog- they have men’s classes).
and Jesus is there, which is awfully cool.

questions? i’d love to answer them. ridicule? no thank you. concerns? please let me know.

just know that i thought about you… and wanted to invite you to something i love, okay?

*yes- i’m a part of an amazing church that i absolutely love. and i love BSF. there is no competition between the two in my heart- i love them for separate reasons, and for the same reasons: at each ministry, the Bible is clearly taught each week; the people are seeking the Lord with their lives; and they actively pursue relationship with each other in an effort to live out the Gospel.

i have 2 places in my life where that is true… have i ever complained about my life? i take it back. i’m ridiculously blessed.*

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