Swap Party Follow-up!

i’m so bad- i didn’t take a single picture of our Housewares Swap Party on Saturday.
i have excuses… like i was too tired on friday to take pictures of the set-up
(long run day).
and i was too busy keeping julia away from the lovely items on saturday morning.
and then i was having too much fun chatting & eating & getting free stuff…

have you ever heard “excuses only satisfy the person who makes them?”
yeah… well, i wish i had taken pictures.
it was really a great morning!

about 15 people signed up to come, but 3 were unable to come (missed you ladies!), so there were 12 of us all together. the limit was 5 items, and most ladies brought 3-5. the majority brought their things on thursday or friday, which helped me know how much space to designate for displaying items. we put everything in the dining room, which made it easy to snack on the yumminess that everyone brought while watching the swap action!

we divided into groups of 4, so 1-4 went first, then 5-8, then 9-12 went twice and back down the line. there was a great range of housewares: candlesticks, wall decor, bowls, baskets, lamps, plates, framed pictures, empty frames… all lovely stuff! of course, there were items leftover… i think most everyone took home 1-2 of their own pieces on top of their new goodies. but that’s to be expected… i could have made a Goodwill run, but i’m not that nice.

what did i get? a great basket, a framed drawing of the St. Louis Cathedral Arch, and a baby gift… no i’m not pregnant. i’m quite happy with my ‘stuff!’

so would i do it again? absolutely. maybe a ‘holiday decor’ swap, definitely a clothing swap, FOR SURE a children’s toy swap… and another housewares swap will be due after Christmas, i’m sure!

best part of the morning? sitting on the couch, sipping coffee with 4 ladies who i never get enough time with… totally worth it. thanks for playing with me, friends! : )

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