Summer 2011

i know every blogger in the nation has posted their summer ‘to-do list’ which they made in a beautiful & creative way…
i did not do that.

i have a perfectionist streak- it only comes out on specific projects.
making window (mis)treatments?
not perfectionist.
i’m quite happy to follow The Nester & hot glue and/or tack my fabric right onto the wall with no hem, no liner, and certainly no weights to give it that perfect drape.
i’m doing good if i iron the fabric before getting it on the wall! it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful- that’s a direct Nester quote, but i’m in 100% agreement.
same thing with pillows- i glue gunned about 10 pillow covers,
and i’m quite happy with them.

but something about a printed or written project brings out the perfectionist in me.
i want it to look a certain way & i know if i work hard enough it will be just exactly what i want.
this can cause excessive procrastination, headaches, crankiness, and (most often) incomplete projects.

so i pushed through on this one- just typed it out & stuck it on the wall.
here is our list for the summer!

seems ambitious? you haven’t met caroline.
we already made the mermaid tails this morning, and she’s onto the next project.
i, however, am quite tired and would like to sit down!

pictures of the mermaid tails coming as soon as i catch my breath.

so, a few months probably… : )

a few disclaimers:
1. yes, we copied much of this from other lists and/or Pinterest boards. so what?!

2. yes, caroline chose each thing on this list. i would suggest something & she would tell me if it was ‘list-worthy’ or not. obviously she did not say ‘no’ to many options- hence the 3 page list.

3. yes, we are doing other activities this summer- handwriting camp (i know, right?), therapies for julia, VBS, swim lessons, dance camp, travel. we’ll make it work somehow.

4. yes, we will hunt for fairies. she was adamant about this one. i’m not sure if we will pretend we see them, or if we will find doll house people & call them fairies- that’s still up in the air!

5. yes, many of these things are parties. apparently i have a mini-Martha Stewart on my hands, and she plans to be the hostess of WG this summer! i don’t mind- i’m enjoying party planning as of late, and these sound like fun. if you want an invitation, you’ll have to speak to my boss! : )

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