things i don’t like

in no particular order…

white chocolate

tropical plants

the word ‘sherbet’

also the word ‘slice’

people who say those words repeatedly because they think it’s funny to bug me

skinny jeans (sorry- i just think they’re ugly. please continue with your fashion; just know i think the pants are hideous, not you.)

caramel scented things

having to pee right as i was starting to fall asleep

also the fact that i have to pee at 2:00 a.m. almost every night

and that i have to cross my legs when i sneeze so i don’t pee a little- i was under the misguided notion that c-sections avoided this little gem of motherhood, but it is not so

people who choose a soapbox and truly judge you for not taking it up as your personal crusade

also people who will never ever admit that things are not perfect in their lives… we all know it’s not true, but it still feels a little icky to think ‘i’m the only one who isn’t superwoman.’

mosquito bites. especially on babies.

shaving my armpits. i still do it; i just don’t like it.

being sweaty for 6 weeks straight… such is life in st. louis

when my pins won’t work on pinterest. i know: get over it. i usually do.

being old enough to get the kind of running injuries that only old people should get

realizing that i look old to 20 year olds

the fact that i did not wear more sunscreen when i was 20

the screeching sound my 3 year old can make

the way everything falls apart at the same time- bats in the attic, broken a/c, leaky dishwasher, ice encrusted freezer, leaky gutters, funky sounding car engine

warm public pool water

dusty lampshades (annoying to clean)

razor burn

there. that was somewhat therapeutic. please don’t berate me for being whiny- i just felt like getting it out there.

4 thoughts on “things i don’t like

  1. give skinny jeans a chance! you'll be surprised. Especially once you break them in a bit! Geeze, with that comment and my ugg post, I feel I am under extreme judgement at this point. oh, and yes, I am like the only one in my workout classes that can't do a full jumping jack, thanks to the birthing/pee issue.


  2. In this heat 100+ all week we all feel out of sorts!! You should see my list!! Happy to find you!


    Art by Karena

    I hope you will also enter my Giveaway from Dr Perricone!


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