pictures i never posted… from august. oops.

(i know i said i was posting about being the sweaty pastor’s wife, but in unearthing the blog i discovered these pictures that i wanted to share… more to come later!)

we went to Estes Park, Colorado in August with matt’s mom, brother and sister… it was a great trip!
 i took tons of pictures.  and did nothing with them.
so here they are… out of order because i can’t get my brain around rearranging them right now.

these are the ‘trunki’ suitcases we got for the girls… they love them!
riding on trunki made the airport slightly more entertaining for everyone!

i thought the sign behind julia was really appropriate… anyone who knows about her language delays will understand this!

favorite pastime- throwing rocks in the water

we need a creek in our yard, i think.


back off, mom.

saved from falling in the river!

playing as the sun sets and the fly fishermen do their thing…


we celebrated all the summer birthdays with cake- somehow caroline managed to sneak the spotlight even though her birthday was in March.

it was actually Uncle Russell’s birthday, so we let him help Caroline blow out the candles.
uncle russell mesmerizing caroline with a garter snake… we think.  
everyone wanted to play with the snake… julia is naked because she just finished throwing up all over the garage.  (quite an introduction to the ‘significant others’ who were meeting us for the first time!  “nice to meet you- here’s some vomit.”)
anyway- the snake was just the first of the wildlife we encountered.  lots of elk on the fields and golf course, a bear in a tree while i was running, and lots of great birds!
thank you, grandma ginny!  this was a wonderful memory-making trip… can’t believe i don’t have any pictures of caroline playing miniature golf!  she LOVED that so much… i see a future bad golfer in the family! : )

One thought on “pictures i never posted… from august. oops.

  1. several random comments here 😉
    trunki: why on the earth didnt we invent that? awesome!
    nalgene kids bottles: love. we have one in each of the girls colors! need more.
    a creek: if we didnt already have such issues w/ water in our backyard, we'd have one too…even if i had to refill it with a hose bc there was no where for it to flow (i guess it'd be more like a pond then. oh well). that was addie's FAVORITE thing to do in highlands!
    and last but certainly not least: your family is gorgeous. gorgeous!
    i'm so glad you're back to blogging a little 😉 love you friend!


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