maybe… thoughts on an unscheduled afternoon

maybe i’ll fold the 4 baskets of laundry sitting behind me.

maybe i’ll wash that sticky spot on the table that’s been driving me bonkers- what is that?!  honey?  jam?  maybe i don’t want to know.

maybe i’ll make an appointment for a haircut for which i am at least 8 weeks beyond desperately overdue.

maybe i’ll take a shower- that is also overdue, but not quite 8 weeks.

maybe i’ll look into what the library does with overdue book fines when you move 1000 miles away- do they accumulate indefinitely?  will i be arrested for a 10 cent fine from 3 months ago?  maybe not.

maybe i’ll finish hanging the pictures in julia’s room so i can take the hammer & toolbox off her dresser.  they do clash with her current decor.

maybe i’ll find the craft supplies i want for my IF:Table dinner on Sunday (so excited about this- you should totally do it).

maybe i’ll scrub the grout on the kitchen floor (i discovered that it’s actually white grout, so the fact that it is BLACK is pretty much killing me now).

maybe i’ll get to work setting up the guest room for our first guests at the end of the month- seriously giddy about this visit!!  and caroline would be pleased to no longer have a queen size mattress on the floor of her bedroom.

maybe i’ll finish one of the 8 books i’m currently in the middle of reading- or maybe i’ll just start another one, too.

maybe i’ll figure out how to Instagram. it’s still culturally relevant, yes?

maybe i’ll meditate, ponder, sit in silence, listen, abide in the uncomfortable tension of the first day of Lent and my limited grasp of what it means to remember Jesus’ love and death.

maybe i’ll watch Bones on Netflix.

maybe i should definitely shower- i think that’s me i’m smelling.

or maybe i’ll resurrect a blog i haven’t written on in almost 4 years… my husband will be pleased.

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