where i sit…

Some thoughts about where i sit, and write, and read… 
and waste time on Facebook.

 90% of the people who read this are my blood relatives.  8% of the remaining handful are in my church.  So for the 2% who don’t know this already, our family lives in the manse on the property of our church-
Living in a manse is similar to renting, but then not very much like renting at all.  
It’s the same in that we choose carefully how much money to put into the 
home ourselves.
 Window treatments & light fixtures= yes. 
Hardwood floors & kitchen cabinets=no. 
 It’s different in this:  caring for this home is also caring for our church, which we love.  Updating and maintaining a piece of the church= yes. (And i’m pretty sure i’ll get messages from the trustees about this… We are happy, y’all!  I promise!  No need to panic! : )

SOOOOOO much painting was done before we moved here.  I am more thankful now than when i first moved in because i see how much work it was!  Service is my biggest love language, and often the hardest for me to accept.  
I feel loved by my painted walls. 
There was a tiny room that i didn’t know how to use before we moved in, and it became my dumping grounds and bill paying space.  As we unpacked, settled rooms, and got rid of furniture that wasn’t a fit for this space,
 this became my office. 
Not a place of business, but a workspace.  
And then i wanted to make it pretty, because pretty matters.  
Not perfect, not fancy, just a lovely little spot- 
a welcoming room.

This tiny room had a former life as a nursery, i believe.  Hence the pink paint.  The pink & brown is *actually* prettier than these pictures show, but the colors didn’t work for my purposes.  
This picture was from when we visited in December… 
the day before we knew we would be moving here!
You can see the color slightly better here as i began to paint it…
And here it is now:

Walls and ceiling are painted Topsail, by Sherwin Williams.  It’s my go-to pale blue, and I use it in my kitchen and mudroom as well.  I won’t lie… there were 2 almost full gallons of this in the basement, so I wasn’t about to spend $30 on a new can of paint!  I’m super classy, so i mixed the remainder of the satin and semi-gloss cans together to make sure i wouldn’t run out.  

 You can’t see them well, but on the floor I have two vintage tool boxes.  One has real tools in it (such as my hot glue gun- surprise!), and the other has stationary and cards.  

Those wooden plaques from the craft store make easy photo displays… sometimes I have the girls’ artwork up there, sometimes an important word or verse.  Hot glue a clothespin onto a piece of wood- it’s as simple as that.
 Painting all that brown wainscoting white took DAYS, so I’m waiting for inspiration before tackling the built-in desk/closet/shelf.  
I’m open to color suggestions on this one…

 My favorite piece:
 if you can’t read it, the quote is this:
Woman’s Sphere
They talk about a woman’s sphere
As tho’ it had a limit-
There’s not a place in Earth of Heaven,
There’s not a task to mankind given, 
There’s not a blessing or a woe,
There’s not a whispered yes or no,
There’s not a life, or death, or birth, 
That has a feather’s weight of worth-
Without a woman in it. 
-M. Walker 

My second favorite piece is this lamp… it’s huge & obnoxiously girly, and I went back to the antique mall three times before i decided to buy it. 

The latest addition to my favorite things is this card from a cherished friend… 
Bloom Where You Are Planted, indeed.

So this is where I am.  
A nice place to bloom, I think. 

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