the gift of refuge

a2538697331_16Cover Artwork by Greta Coalier

there is sacredness in an honest prayer.
a cry of desperate longing, tender and fragile from hours of weeping and begging for relief…
a soul searching for an answer, reaching out into Deep Mystery with bold fear…
a dry, brittle heart soaking up a rain of Mercy- swelling up with fullness of Love.

‘Carry it all away
It is all the same
Broken bones, broken hearts
Everything is cracked
There’s darkness all around.
I am here.’

that’s what Jason and Natalie Wilson have offered us in their debut album, Refuge– an invitation to their personal prayers, the praises and laments of real people seeking Truth from a real God.  i have the gift of their friendship, their stories- the life behind these lyrics. their songs are their hearts laid bare, encounters with God in the midst of loss, illness, and uncertainty.

‘Here I hold my desk
My thoughts are far away
It holds me in this place
Like an anchor to my soul
My mind it runs
A thousand miles an hour.
I am here.’

Hope. that’s the gift of Refuge.  in our humanness, we relate to the need, the heartbreak, the confusion, but we soar with Hope that this is not all there is. God is present in this world. He lives among us. we have a sure and steady Hope.

‘I’m tired of losing track
In the chaos all around
In this ocean of noise
I want to know You’re here
I want to speak my heart
I want to know You’re listening.
I am here.’
-I Am Here by Blessed are the Broken

i want you to have this album as it is released this week- i think you need to hear it and hear Hope.
so i want to give it to you!  leave a comment (with email address) letting me know you’re interested in owning this album, i’ll draw two names on Friday, November 6 to receive either a digital download or CD- your choice!  i’ll contact you by email if your name is drawn.
Refuge is also available on Spotify and iTunes on November 4!


photo by Bailey Mohr of Beautiful Mess Photography

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