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hi… i’m rachel.

i am a Southern girl becoming a New Englander by way of the Midwest.

i am married to Matt Blazer, who is much more wise, hilarious, and hot than i knew when i met him in 1997.

i am a mother to two girls, Caroline and Julia, and i find motherhood to be incredibly hard.  good, life-giving, and immensely worth it… but still the hardest thing i’ve ever done.

i am 35 36 37 years old, and just now asking questions about my place in God’s story for the first time… i’m learning who i am by searching for who God says He really is, not who i imagine Him to be.

i am a recovering ‘nice little Christian girl,’ discovering that having gifts and using them does not make me overbearing and unladylike.

i am a cup filler and collector (especially hobnail, but i’m not allowed to buy anymore of those)… i love that when women gather with cups full of the good stuff (water, coffee, tea, wine, sangria, champagne, cocktails, and more sangria, please), we can pour out ourselves- filling each other in deep and life-giving ways.

i love witnessing a woman’s heart become unburdened as she shares her story. friendship is an invitation to come alongside to shine Light on all the beauty and tragedy she has lived.

i want to write Truth in a way that breathes freedom and love, honestly celebrating the stories of our disappointment and rediscovery of Hope.

i never could have dreamed any of the beautiful and confusing and painful and wonderful i have lived so far… so here is my record of this perfectly imperfect life.

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  1. The way you write is so inviting! I chuckled to myself at the phrase “recovering ‘nice little Christian girl'” as I find myself in the same phase at times.

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