a prayer: when we are not enough

this prayer was written for IF: Pray 2015, where we used it to pray for our world. i share it with you now if you are struggling for words and searching for hope.

Lord, we are not enough for this world.
We are not wise enough to fix all that has broken.
We are not strong enough to rescue the hurting and defeat the evil.
We are not righteous enough to give justice and mercy in good measure.

But YOU. You are enough. Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit- YOU are enough for this world.

You are the only one who is enough to fix our brokenness.
You are enough to rescue us in our distress.
You are enough to overcome darkness and defeat the evil.
You are enough to be perfectly just and merciful.
You are the only Wise God.
You are the only Strong and Almighty God.
You are the only God who is Good and Just and Loving and Merciful,
and we need YOU.

Our world needs You.

We need your miraculous movement-
to protect the weak and innocent.
to lift up the persecuted, enslaved, abused, and oppressed.
to put the refugee and orphan in homes.
to guide us to unite in wisdom, love, and strength
for Your Glory and the good of Your people.

Only You can do this, and we beg You, Lord…
we beg You to move with conviction and bring salvation into the hearts of those we love who do not know You.
we beg You to move in our churches to bring true repentance for sin, revival of obedience, and resurgence of love for You and for our neighbors.
we beg You to use us in our places to share Your love and healing and saving grace so people can see You and know You.

we beg You to heal the hearts of those who we consider enemies… those with evil intent to kidnap, enslave, abuse, persecute, torture, and kill.
Lord, we pray for their hearts to be transformed and their lives to be redeemed
for Your Glory and the good of Your people.

we beg you to protect the innocent, the child, the weak, the vulnerable, the refugee, the orphan… wrap them in security that only You can give, and show them Your miraculous provision.
Lord, save them- rescue them- so they can cry out, “God did this- God saved us!”
for Your Glory and the good of Your people.

Lord, we know we are not enough. but we are Yours, and we are enough in You.
You make us enough, and we are lifting up our lives to be used by YOU in this world, Your world…
for Your Glory and the good of Your people, we offer all we have to You.


the gift of refuge

a2538697331_16Cover Artwork by Greta Coalier

there is sacredness in an honest prayer.
a cry of desperate longing, tender and fragile from hours of weeping and begging for relief…
a soul searching for an answer, reaching out into Deep Mystery with bold fear…
a dry, brittle heart soaking up a rain of Mercy- swelling up with fullness of Love.

‘Carry it all away
It is all the same
Broken bones, broken hearts
Everything is cracked
There’s darkness all around.
I am here.’

that’s what Jason and Natalie Wilson have offered us in their debut album, Refuge– an invitation to their personal prayers, the praises and laments of real people seeking Truth from a real God.  i have the gift of their friendship, their stories- the life behind these lyrics. their songs are their hearts laid bare, encounters with God in the midst of loss, illness, and uncertainty.

‘Here I hold my desk
My thoughts are far away
It holds me in this place
Like an anchor to my soul
My mind it runs
A thousand miles an hour.
I am here.’

Hope. that’s the gift of Refuge.  in our humanness, we relate to the need, the heartbreak, the confusion, but we soar with Hope that this is not all there is. God is present in this world. He lives among us. we have a sure and steady Hope.

‘I’m tired of losing track
In the chaos all around
In this ocean of noise
I want to know You’re here
I want to speak my heart
I want to know You’re listening.
I am here.’
-I Am Here by Blessed are the Broken

i want you to have this album as it is released this week- i think you need to hear it and hear Hope.
so i want to give it to you!  leave a comment (with email address) letting me know you’re interested in owning this album, i’ll draw two names on Friday, November 6 to receive either a digital download or CD- your choice!  i’ll contact you by email if your name is drawn.
Refuge is also available on Spotify and iTunes on November 4!


photo by Bailey Mohr of Beautiful Mess Photography

walking in a thin place


these days i wish i was a photographer- an artist gifted to capture the meaning of color, speak the language of light and shadow. i walk down the same roads and trails daily. i try to memorize each branch and leaf, but everything is constantly shifting with the progression of Autumn and the sun’s movement through the sky.

the morning is clear and cool. sunlight floats in the haze over fields of dewy, fading wildflowers. i tuck my hands inside my sleeves, search for the sunny side of every road to warm my cheeks and nose.  the smell of Fall is different in these early hours – more clean grass and air, less fallen leaf and dirt.


the afternoon shoots sunbeams like arrows through changing leaves- the greens are breathtaking, though less lauded this time of year. they shine quietly and then graciously yield to the brilliance of the much anticipated Fall Color.

evening brings a soft light angling across the grass and filters into my windows. just before sunset, the maples lining our driveway ring out like vesper bells- the perfect note to end the day. they invite me to sing along with them.

and i want to sing- to laugh out loud as i run into that light, arms open, face upturned to feel those final drips of warmth- joining the trees’ chorus as the sun disappears with a sigh behind the mountain. can i breathe in the life of these moments? can i capture it? can i feast on this air and light so it is in me, so it is mine?


i take a picture with my phone- a feeble attempt to hold onto all the glory. it doesn’t work. even as i see the image in my hand, it is falling away- leaving me behind.

i can’t hold it.

why do i feel this urgency to grab the beauty of this moment- to possess it? to inhale this feeling with deep, gulping breaths? it’s as if this golden, glowing day belongs to me- belongs in me- and it has escaped. i can’t breathe in enough, can’t soak in enough to recover it, but i know it’s mine.

it is mine. i know i’m created for this exact instant, this place. these are moments, even in my fragile state, that i am with God. i’m made to be here with Him. and this is how He reminds me of who i really am.


the path is soft with fallen pine needles and all around is a celebration of turning leaves. they are swishing and clapping for me, and i remember that rain of rose petals as we ran together, bride and groom, laughing and holding hands.

i smile and raise my face toward the Light, bright leaves falling all around me, decorating the trail like the aisle before the bride…  is it You? is that why i want this so deeply?

and He says, “yes, My Beloved.”